The meeting was called to order by Chief Joe Maddox, Association President

Invocation lead my UCFD Chaplain Ben Slocumb

Pledge of Allegiance, led by Chief Joe Maddox

Executive Board members present; Joe Maddox, President, Al Wright, Treasurer.

Reports of Executive Board:

President Report: Chief Maddox welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Vice President Report: No report

Treasurer Report: Chief Wright gave the financial report

Secretary report: No report

Message from Vendors:

Marcus Laurinaitis, Ready

Message from Members: None

Old Business None

New Business:

Special Presentation: Rebound of Ready Rebound gave a presentation of their business and provided lunch

 Chief Maddox discussed getting sections back up and active and also discussed having the Chaplain of the President’s department acting as association Chaplain, Ben Slocumb of Union City Fire will serve in this position under Chief Maddox.

Section Committee Reports;

Administrative/ Professional: No report

Chaplains: No report

Company Officers: no report

EMS: No report

Executive Officers: No report

Health and Safety: No report

Prevention: No report

Public Information: Dave Williams advises that the annual calendar is heading to production, and photos are needed; photos should be of working scenes and new apparatus and should be a sideways view if a smartphone is used.

Training: they will talk to training officers to grow their section.

Association Reports:

Georgia Fire Academy- Ike McConnel reported the GFA (Georgia Fire Academy) has had an active year with 25,000 students and that the fire safety symposium had 500 attendees this year. Also advised of the First Amendment online training class that is available.

Georgia Mutual Aid Group- elections will be held in Augusta at the Joint Conference; recent callouts included Carroll County, Sumter County, and Sandy Springs.

Georgia Firefighter Burn Foundation- Chief Fullum of Dekalb County reported that the Burn Foundation would like to present at an upcoming meeting. Chief Fullum also updated the association on the Burn camp, which had 58 campers, 19 families, and 35 volunteers, of which 15 were firefighters, and the foundation’s revenue is back up to pre-COVID levels.

GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Agency)- Sherri Russon advised that the new ERG’s will be distributed by a number of vehicles, and the number needed is due by July 15, 2023. She also relayed information regarding cooling stations based on NWC standards.

Metro Fire Association- Dave Williams recommended the EVO course and advised that the calendar needs action pictures.

A motion and a 2nd were made to adjourn, and the motion passed.